Comment on LSE Book Review: The Socialist Way: Social Democracy in Contemporary Britain

“Inherently, there is nothing wrong with old ideas; rather, what is problematic is to misunderstand why such ideas wither, and to fail to apply them afresh to modern problems.”

The good ideas of solidarity, mutual help, moderation, and so on do not wither away at all, but their consideration on the Left does wither as they consider the ideas separately from the general context where they obtain their clear meaning in the first instance–that of a nation. The community, solidarity, social cohesion, and welfare state bemoaned by the Left make sense ideologically, economically, and politically in this narrative of a nation. Like it or not, until this is comprehended their thought will remain “largely unoriginal”.


Comment on Book Review: Global Governance: Why? What? Whither?

Nations or particular cultures have striven to realize their essence rather than just their presence. But to realize their particular nature they must remain alive as well. It is this essence -presence gap where global governance could establish itself; yet nation-state would focus on restoring its authority when possible. In other words, if imagine that global government exists, that would be again, a unipolar world actually, camouflaged by respective rhetoric.